NAS Jax Timeline for MS


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I got the results on Thursday by phone, but I will officially recieve them today. This is how my timeline has gone thus far;
November 2009 Initial attack of MS
Jan 2010 Placed on first period of LIMDU
July 2010 Second Period also recieved secondary diagnosis for Talor OCD (joint fusion) in right ankle requiring surgery.
Jan 2011 Surgery on ankle and third period approved
March 2011 Confirmed I had a second relapse and officially diagnosed with MS.
May 2011 enrolled in IDES
June 6th 2011 Completed all VA appointments
August 14 2011 IDES package accepted by DC
November 10 2011 IPEB results recieved

I was rated 30% by the Navy with a recommendation of TDRL, but 80% by the VA. I'm not happy with the Navy rating at all, but untill I see the breakdown I won't know how to proceed. I plan on requesting Perm LIMDU to finish my 20 as I'm right at 18 years. It's not about the money though, I did my Sea time and was suppossed to go to shore duty anyway. I feel I earned a retirement ceremony, and would like to end my service being piped ashore, the way a sailor should. Yea I know it's a little dig-it, but for 18 years this has been my life, I'd like to walk away from it on my terms.


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November 2011 appealed Navy rating
Jan 2012 appeal denied case finalized/In correctly submitted PLD request (should have been done in November)
Feb 2012 Retirement message recieved stating April 28th
Feb 2012 due to confusion over PLD requested and granted Seperation adjustment to 28 May
April 9th 2012 Commence Terminal Leave.

Message me for specific questions, and I will help as best I can.
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