National Guard on ADOS MEB process

I am a National Guard currently on ADOS. I keep getting conflicting information from PEBLO, Service Coordinator and my own research. I have over 20 years reserve time and 15 years active time, I am currently on orders and going through a Med board. I have completed exams and PEBLO said they are working on narrative summary. I was at 90% VA prior to IDES and anticipate that increasing to 100%.

I have not been able to get a straight answer on how I will be out-processed and if I would qualify for immediate concurrent retirement for LOS or DOD plus VA. I was told I should be discharged through Active channels based off accumulation of Active time and currently being on ADOS, then I was told it would go through reserve channels. At the very least I know that I will be able to draw both concurrently when I turn 59. I know that DOD rating could impact immediate amount of benefits received but again did not know if it is one or the other until I am eligible to receive reserve retirement or do I qualify for both immediately.

My high 3 is $9689, highest rating is 70% (90 overall) have not received all of my VA ratings so not sure if they will increase or decrease and have not received DOD ratings. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.