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It has been awhile since I last posted. I started this procees for PEB in Aug 2011. I am at an Air Force MTF so there has been a lot of back and forth between Air Force and Navy. I found out that the Navy must conduct the Board and Air Force Docs are not authorized to conduct the board. I started in Aug 2011 and went until about Jun 2012. In Jun 2012 they switched my process from PEB to IDES. Then accounntability for my case and status information has been lost between Navy and Air Force. So here I sit just getting paid.
I have Diabetes Type 1 since 2007, Back, foot pains, CPAP, also had a basic knee surgery in 2011 and got blood clots after the surgery. This has been a long and drawn out process and I expect to get rolled over another 6 months and end up in Jan 2014 before being Medically retired at 15 + yrs.


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Jeez, Bro! Every time I hear stories like yours, I thank my lucky stars for how relatively smooth my IDES went!

So where, specifically, are you in the IDES? Starting all over or...?
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