Navy - Wanting to make sure I do this right


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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm very new to this and quite anxious and I'm trying to make sure I do everything right as I've heard some horror stories about how people have been under-rated by the VA and DOD. I don't want to get out of the Navy, as I wanted it to be my career but if they are going to make me leave, I want to make sure that everything is accurate.

I joined the Navy last year. During Boot Camp I injured my feet, this was never taken care of and I went on deployment where it got worse. I also injured my back. They found my feet are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and they finally did an MRI on my back and found that it wasn't just a muscle issue, but was also my disks. The back thing feels like electricity all the way down to my coccyx and down the outside of my left leg. It also makes me have less warning to need to use the bathroom, with several very close calls.. This includes one or two accidents.. It's really embarrassing and I haven't told anyone because I heard I will be kicked out for it.. For these I was put on Limited Duty. I've done a great deal of Physical Therapy, the Graston Technique on my feet as well as patches on there. It hasn't got better and seems to be getting worse.

I also have this issue with my scalp, this might sound silly but it's like I have a burn on my head, the skin is scaly and dry and it's like dandruff, I never had that before.. I also have noticed it sometimes on my face under my eyes.. And my eyes hurt a lot.. My skin also hurts sometimes.. Especially on my forearms..

I also went through some experiences on the ship on deployment, that were truly horrifying and I'm left with a lot of anxiety and depression. I kept thinking I was having heart attacks, but they checked and said it could be panic attacks. I also get very bad migraines and cannot sleep without sleep medication. I have horrible short term memory now, and have to keep checking the locks in the house, have to go and check my car doors.. Sometimes after I leave home, about half way to work I'll turn around and go home to check if I locked the doors, because I forget. It hasn't been diagnosed as PTSD yet, initially they said it was an adjustment disorder but that might change. I think they do that just to weed out people who don't want to be in the military. The Psychiatrist said it's a moral injury also, because of what the command did.

I also get bad diarrhea, and since the back thing happened and also, low sex drive, which is unusual..

I've also been having a very concerning problem that bothers me even more.. It's hard to explain but it feels like my mind is slower, sometimes I feel like my mind is going dark. It's like I'm less aware, less responsive, almost like it's foggy... I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone? I have problems with focusing, and it's very frustrating. I am very irritable also and have a lot of road rage.. I don't want to harm myself or anyone else, but sometimes I'll escalate situations.. I never used to be like this, I was always happy.. I'm getting therapy.. I'm just sad about it all..

In addition to that, I have this problem with my fingers and toes.. They get so sore, it's unbearable.. I have to rub them a lot.. Sometimes I can't even drive and have to get my wife to take me..

I haven't had a lot of luck so far with the Navy Medical system.... If I can stay in the Navy I would.. I don't think they'll let me.. How do I make sure I'm doing what I need to do to make sure I'm putting myself in the best position to not be under-rated in the future? I'm very anxious about all of this...


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Has your Primary Care Manager suggested a medical board?
Thank you for your reply. Actually, I've just changed command now that I'm Limited Duty so I only checked in for a new Primary Care Physician in the last few days and I'm waiting to get a new Primary Care Physician.

I did see another doctor yesterday and they scheduled me in for some labs and blood was drawn. I'll wait to get the results with my new provider. I suppose I got really frustrated because I've been dealing with the mental health and foot/back stuff and I guess I got exhausted from seeing doctors, especially when they just dismiss your concerns or treat you like you're malingering. I had to go through that a lot over my back and feet pain, and waited about 6 months before they'd even schedule me in for an MRI on my back, and then they discovered some issues with my L5-S1.


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A specialist like the one you for mental health can start the MEB process as well.

I would suggest to make a list of all your issues/injuries. When and if it comes down to a med board, you will need that list to go through it with a VA rep. You don't want to leave anything out.

Make sure you get each issue diagnosed and in the record system so you can show it as service related.
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