navyguy_1993 How is my CRSC Computed


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Separate thread for the case of navyguy_1993.

Gross Retired Pay: on most recent DFAS RAS $755 per month (Waived since 1993 For VA Compensation).
9 years and 7 months of active duty
DoD Disability percentage: 30%
VA percentage: 100% P&T at $3227.58 per month; with a spouse
Approved CRSC rate: 100% approved CRSC (Matches my 100% VA code exactly)
TDRL (Chapter 61) in July 1993 under Honorable conditions.
Your CRSC will be the lesser of
—dollar amount of the longevity portion of your retired pay
—The amount for 100% CRSC found in the VA compensation tables

Using your info:
1. Gross retired pay divided by DoD percentage 755/0.30 = 2516.67 high three
2. 9.58 years x 2.5% = 23.95 multiplier
3. 2516.67 x 0.2395 = 602.74 dollar amount of longevity portion of retirement pay. This is less than the
100% CRSC rate and becomes your CRSC.

Your CRSC is 602.74 based on your data.

Recommend you wait to see the DFAS results.

Thanks again! I'll keep all in this thread posted on DFAS results.
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