Need assistance


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I received my results from pdbr I believe I was wronged I submitted results that I am 100%permanent disabled for PTSD even though it was at after seperation and only received 10 at that time of med board and that I was not aloud to seek help for my problems so I had to keep quiet or I would be punished like and that i wasnt able to attend my appointments because I was sent to lousiana to train for a month even though I was med boarding out,and 6 months after seperation I was still trying to deal with things with the va like being able to find a facility that I could receive proper help I was hospitalized after awhile put on meds but pdbr only went so far and didn't actually see what was going on I could use your opinion and I dont understand pdbr but I have 60%percent tdrl for 6 months then no re-characterization or modification of permanent rating of 20percent
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