Need help %80 DOD %40 VA

I just received My 199 and for the Army I am getting 80 percent PDRL and 70 percent of that is BH. My issue is that the VA is only rating me at 40 percent because they denied my BH because of a denied claim years ago. I had to put in VA 0995 in order to get them to evaluate me for my current BH. I am wondering if anyone has ran into this situation where they got their 199 back and it was missing a big chunk of their VA claim. My biggest concern is getting out and not having everything straightened out with the VA and not receiving my compensation.

Also, I am an army reservist who has been hopping on mobilizations at Fort Bliss for a couple years now. When I get out will they pay my retirement at my current active duty rate or based off of reserve retirement?


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Hello @W.lang648

1. Others will likely comment on your VA situation.

2. You did not mention qualification for any type of retirement except disability (i.e., PDRL) so I assume you only qualify for the Chapter 61 disability retirement.

3. Your payments will be as follows, using the info you provided:

--You will receive the 40% VA compensation rate from the VA. You can easily find the amount in the VA compensation tables. You did not provide the number of dependents you have, so I cannot furnish it.
--You will receive 75% of your high three average base pay from the DoD. The average high three is the total of the highest 36 months of pay, divided by 36.

4. Your DoD disability retired pay will be reduced by the amount of the VA compensation. You get to keep the residual (left over) amount. if any (very likely in your case).
See LINK <---- for possible CRSC entitlement.

5. Summary: You will end up with all your VA compensation PLUS the residual DoD retired pay mentioned at item 4.

Good luck,