Need help finding info


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Hello. Don't know where to go to find info and there are alot of threads here.

Can someone point me in the right direction.

I am an air national guard pilot with 17 years 5 months of service. I have enough points for an 18th good year. I have always been in the guard and have around 13 years of points total.

I am currently dnif (grounded) and being evaluated for somethin that I think may end my career medically.

What am I looking at? A separation? A medical retirement?

Guidance is appreciated. Where to go and read? How long is the process?



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Lot of variables there sir. You can go to the resources tab, you will be looking for the MDS, find your condition in the tables and be sure to read the notes. You will have plenty more questions and this is a great forum. Be sure to read, read, read, and read some more. Each branch seems to have different procedures so you can also review those forums too.


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ANG medically retired pilot here, read my timeline. I was an ART (don't be an ART) so my timeline is a bit (3-6 months) longer than it should have been. I also have a thread called "Just the Beginning"


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The MSD will give you a good idea as to what will be found unfitting. If you have an unfitting rating at 30% or more your will be retired.
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