NEED HELP, on Electing Counsel.


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I just received IPEB results and I have to elect counsel. Please help, any advice is appreciated. Can anyone out there give advice based on their experience or what they have been advised on? Can any one suggest a lawyer that knows the disability laws and is familiar with the Coast Guard.

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If I remember correctly, you are days (12) from retiring and you should have more than 50% in findings by the VA. If you have less than 50% things are different but I can't remember. There should be no problems making it to retirement even if you accept the IPEB if the 12 days is correct but I would still drag my feet just to be sure. If any of your issues were combat related they would be different from mine and I was under the "Legacy Program". I'm thinking the most important thing you need to care about is that the DoD is permanent and the VA could change if and when they review your case. I've heard that they will probably never reveiw because of the back logs but who knows. I recieved 80% from the FPEB which gave me 75% (max allowed) from the DoD. Once the VA started to come in, my retirement pay dropped down to the amount I should get for retirement. Your retirement will be around 50% I'm guessing. I am receiving 90% from the VA at this time and get to keep all of that. Your retirement pay and SSDI (if you apply and receive) are taxable, so take care so your not in trouble in April. The VA is tax free.
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