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I sent all my stuff to the PDRB March of 2016 in a nice packet. I have since emailed and called the DSN number multiple times and have not received any response to aknowledge they have the packet what my number is there any valid way to get in contact with these people to even find out if they have my stuff we’re almost a year in now and I haven’t heard or received any type of letter for anything since I submitted...
Thanks in advance

The email I have been using to try and make contact is the one on PDBR website where the case numbers are


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I'm now on my 6th request with the above e-mail and not a single response nothing in my junk spam or anywhere else...i dont know what to do or who to contact at this point to get this figured out...


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Well would you look at this!... been sending emails since March 17th of 2016 and i finally got a response my only question now is they say that the PDBR reading room is no longer maintained but yet it had updates to it on 12/11/17 anyone know where else they would post the results when completed?:

I have searched our previous emails and find none from your email address. We received your application 8 MAR 2017.
In the narrative below, your case is in the Case Workup Phase. The narrative also shows the process and timelines:
When we receive your application, our Central Intake Unit (CITU) will confirm your eligibility, then they will begin to request copies of your VA medical and rating documents as well as your service Physical Evaluation Board related records. They will send you a letter letting you know these processes have started. This record collection process normally takes about 12-18 months (YOUR CASE IS HERE). Once compiled, your case will be sent to the PDBR Board for review and adjudication. Finally, the Board's recommendation will be sent to your Service Secretary's designated decision authority for final action. Because of our detailed level of review, this process may take as much as 30 months.
You can e-mail us at any time to check the status of your case, but checking every four months or so would be more reasonable. Please use your case number in the subject line when making inquiries. The PDBR “Reading Room” is no longer maintained.
Physical Disability Board of Review
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