Need Much Help for MEB/PEB in NG

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I am new to the forum. Sorry if my post goes back and fourth between topics. There seems to be a lot of knowledge here and I hope I can get some direction/answers. Thanks to all of you who read and advise me.

I am currently a member of the NG (17 Years) and have been referred to the MEB. I just received my Unfit For Retention (UFR) memorandum and need to make an election. 1.Discharge 2.TDRL 3.PEB 4.MEB
My state is terrible for this process, everyone is a "know it all" yet none of them can give me a straight answer as well as the "know it all's" all have completely different answers to the same question.:confused: My ombudsman at Ft. Bliss said he "got into it" and seemed to upset our Deputy State Surgeon who is a LTC because he was trying to explain to him how this process worked. Apparently our DSS had no idea how this worked and took offense to being corrected. Our DSS tries to not send anyone to the MEB and has a goal to "keep his numbers up" (whatever that may mean). He told me his job was to "make sure soldiers were in formation". He also told me at the time that the VA changed my Service Connection to 100% P&T that "the VA may consider you 100% P&T but the NG says your 100% deployable, plus the VA hands service connections out like candy". That was 6 months ago and now he referred me to the MEB.--:mad:--sorry, that's enough ranting! The reason I am telling you this is that I think he is writing the NARSUM. How important is the NARSUM to the MEB and am I able to read his NARSUM?

I am currently 100% P&T with the VA. I was 30% from 2010 until the middle of 2016 when they raised it to 90% then sent me for a re-eval on my feet at the end of 2016. They raised it to 100% P&T at that time.

I am only being sent to the MEB for 1 of the ratings I have with the VA and that is for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis. I had surgery in 2012 on one foot and 2013 on the other. Neither surgery was successful. I am currently 40% for PF. I meet AR40-501 3-13(5) which is why they are sending me to the MEB.

I have been in soft shoes since August of 2016 and my doctors have written letters to the NG stating I am not to wear boots anymore as they do not fit my custom orthotics properly for my condition. The VA requested custom shoes to be made for me.

I am a NG FedTech (13 years) and just want to find the best route for me to take. 1,2,3 or 4? Also our MEB coordinator said that the VA may lower my rating when I go through this process. Is that correct?
Also is this a faster process for me since I already have my VA work done? Should I choose LDES or IDES? I read the opening on "Broken System" and feel I should choose IDES incase I need to appeal a decision. I also have an LOD for the PF which occurred while deployed to Afghanistan in 2007-08 with my infantry unit. There I was seen multiple time by doctors.

My NG is terrible with it comes to MEB. It has taken 2 commanders, 2 BC's, a COL from guard bureau, the WWTT at Military 1 Source, and many expenses at the doctors to get them to start this process.

100% P&T with VA
NG (17 years)
FedTech (13 years)
MEB (Day 0)
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