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My questions:
Can the hospital leadership "pull back" your file if a new condition is revealed to be unfitting while you're going through the IDES process?
What does that entail? How is it done?
What do you do if you have a condition that deteriorates or is exacerbated while going through the IDES process?
Can a new NARSUM or amended NARSUM be submitted?
Can the MEB summary be re-submitted?
With 100% from the VA, does that mean that my family would be eligible for CHAMPVA?
Because the unfitting condition is also rated by the VA, would I get the taxed amount back from DFAS?
Because I was prior enlisted, and I graduated from West Point, does that time at West Point count as active service for computation of time for disability severance pay?

My ratings came back at 20% DoD and 100% VA
The 20% is only for Type II Diabetes; I had back surgery 2 months before my MEB started.
I wanted to be found fit, I'm at 16 years and I enjoy what I'm doing/I'm doing well.
The healthcare team held back on a lot of my conditions that would be unfitting because Type II Diabetes well controlled with oral medication has typically led to a fit for duty decision.
The current climate of DoD is not interested in granting that kind of leniency.

The IPEB only considered the Type II Diabetes and nothing else which is why I'm only at 20% for DoD.
I never received a legal briefing until after my MEB was complete; I was assured by the PEBLO and most of the team that only pushing one issue forward was the way to go.
After getting back my ratings...crickets. Other than they can't stop the train now that it's started and railroad me out of the Army as fast as humanly possible.

So I'm come to you, this site seems to be a great resource to so many people; a good friend who went through this process recommended I post on here to solicit feedback.

I feel the best course of action is as follows:
Elect for formal PEB, in person with submission of appeal prior.
I'm appealing the PEB to consider my back, eye, shoulders, and PTSD as unfitting.
They may concur and grant the conditions as unfitting (bring those over) which would eliminate the need for the formal, in person piece.
If they non-concur with the appeal, I have enough time to document the conditions with updated prognosis from specialty surgeons, collect witness statements, and revisit overlooked conditions.
Possibly apply for COAD.

Thanks for the help!

50% Sleep Apnea
40% back
40% right eye
30% BH
20% Shoulder
20% Diabetes
10% Knee
10% Ankle
10% Tinnitus
10% GERD
10% Right lower radiulopathy
10% Left lower radiculopathy
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