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I have just been informed that I have to go through the MEB process. Real quick, I have had both hips replaced and I have been diagnosed with PTSD and obstructive sleep apnea which I use a CPAP for. I was told that at most I might get 20% for everything. This I refuse to believe. I have 3 tours to Iraq and I have been in 14 1/2 years. I want to stay till I hit 20. Any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Bizzle- i am not a pro at this but i wanted to send you something.

Are you active component or Reserve component? What are your PULHES? what is the medical impairment that is sending you to the MED? Is it one condition like the sleep apnea or is it a combination of all conditions? If is the sleep apea, AR 40-501 allows you 1 year to work on the issue, for example, lose weight or get a prosthetic mouth guard. Can you request a medical profile downgrade?

A couple of things to keep in mind. Google a copy of DOD instruction NUMBER 1332.39 it may be on this site. Even through the 2008 NDAA said that the PED would rate you according to the VASRD (department of veterans affairs rating scale) , it is my belief that this is still not the case. You will need to be prepared. Become familiar with sleep apnea on page 40. It talks about industrial impairment, if you are having any issues with sleep depervation at work you will need to let the doctor know this. Also you will need to note how well you are adapting to your machine. i have a terrible time with my CPAP, many nights i through the mask across the room. if this is the case let the doctor know this. Page 64 of this guide is also important with regards to you PTSD, you will need to figure out where you fit.

I wish you luck

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DODI 1332.39 has been rescinded. I understand the idea in knowing how they might rate you wrongly, but the VASRD is the only rating criteria they should use. For Sleep Apnea, it is cut an dried- if you are unfit, and use a CPAP, then the rating is 50%.

Now, that is the rub- getting an unfit finding for this condition. Before the military acknowledged that they have to use the VASRD, they would find a member unfit and (using DoDI 1332.39) they would rate people at 0%. Now, they routinely say that sleep apnea and use of CPAP are waiverable and find the member fit. What I have seen is that in order to get an unfit finding, you need to have residual problems after use of a correctly titrated CPAP. This would often times be a situation where the member has residual excessive daytime sleepiness or excessive naps, fatigue or issues of mental alertness based on being tired.

As for the hips:

5054 Hip replacement (prosthesis).

Prosthetic replacement of the head of the femur or of the acetabulum:
For 1 year following implantation of prosthesis 100%
Following implantation of prosthesis with painful motion or
weakness such as to require the use of crutches 90%
Markedly severe residual weakness, pain or limitation of motion
following implantation of prosthesis 70%
Moderately severe residuals of weakness, pain or limitation of motion 50%
Minimum rating 30%


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I really appreciate the great info I received. I'm going to do a little more digging and see what I can find. I will report back asap on what I find out. Thanks again it is really appreciated.


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On another note, I am active and the main reason for me going through the MEB process is because of my hips and sleep apnea. I am a 13F by trade.