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Need some insight


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So here is the situation; in 2007 I suffered what some called a mTBI and others called a sTBI, I was knocked unconscious for 30+ mins. Anyway, since I have had extreme migraines, dizzy spells, and a boat load of other things. So here is the issue,, I chose to stay in past that till now I am being MEB'd for my neck. So when I went to get screened for the TBI they put no residuals of TBI, but they put my migraines separate as headache syndrome. Just recently, after packet went to board, TBI neurology did a MRI of my brain and found a micro hemorrhage in a section of the brain and listed it as chronic and a result of the TBI. So how do they determine that there are no residuals, which will probably turn into 0% from the VA, but then explain all of this other stuff? I haven't gotten rating back yet and will probably appeal if they aren't what I want. Any insight will work I know we aren't all doctors but still.