new diagnosis on 2nd period of limited duty


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Had a comminuted distal intra articular FX in july of 2018 involving radius/ulna currently on 2nd period of limited duty. I have limited ROM/grip strength and loss of sensation to the median nerve branch in my dominant hand FWIW.

Since this occurred I have found the following diagnoses/issues:

- bilateral shoulder labral tears with glucocorticoid injections (non responsive) with radicular symptoms, pain and inability to bear weight
- Bilateral hip labral tears with OS acetabuli causing internal snapping hip which I cannot sit/stand for long periods of time and causes lower extremity radicular symptoms post workout

prior to this was always an outstanding high PRT, multiple deployments, high accolade blah blah. I would like to and have set an appt appt with PCM and ortho in july to speak about initiating a medboard due to inability to perform as an IDC but they seem skeptical from previous interactions. I have proactively filled out my COC statement with approval in anticipation of MEB proceedings. I cannot find in any of the instructions/milpersman's if this is my right or only a recommendation.

previous dx:
R LE LCL tear with PRP (2x)
SI joint dysfunction
Thoracolumbar joint dysfunction / lumbago
cervical spine joint dysfunction
claustrophobia? (didn't even know it was in my record until i recently reviewed my problems list)
fx'd 4th metacarpal with OA
osteophyte development on 5th rib which causes pain
testicular hypofunction / ED
Tricep tendonosis
chronic lateral epicondylitis

I am trying to see if i have a genuine understanding after reading through the hundreds of pages of instructions.

- instate medboard > wait
- case forwarded to VA MSC to schedule C/P examinations

- does the MEB take the initial dx of intra-articular fx along with the new debilitating dx in account for the possible 0-100 DOD rating?

... long winded, confused & trying to clarify.


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hey I'm starting my medboard process in july on average when do you guys think I will be officially retired??
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