New DoD Timelines for IDES process

The Department of Defense recently updated the timelines for processing of IDES cases. The resource for DoD Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM)-18-004 – “Revised Timeliness Goals for the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)," can be found here:

I intend to post a detailed timeline at each phase in the future. For now, know that the overall processing of IDES cases should be processed faster (from 295 days to 230 days- basically, two months faster).

Note the effective date is July 30, 2018.
Jason Perry


They weren't meeting their own timetable in many instances, so that they set the bar higher.
Too funny Chaplain Charlie......concur.....LOL..... (sorry..had issue even inserting quote...)

[Note: Site Founder: He is a former Army JAG who served at the Army's TX Formal PEB as Chief, Soldier's Counsel....Think important as in many things "it is said one does not know something truly" until they either "teach it" or have in fact "practiced it a very long time"....????]
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