New DoD Timelines for IDES process


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The PEB received my packet 4 November. Exactly 30 days ago. I am STILL waiting on a fit/unfit determination. My PEBLO told me it's in "distribution." This is excruciating. Why on earth does it take 30 days to find someone fit/unfit?


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Weirdness...I got an 80% DOD rating and 10% VA. The VA is not recognizing my LOD's from the guard. The injuries took place while on duty...yet they don't recognize them with the evidence. I am going to fight it.


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Timelines are laughable. I'm going on 5 years of trying to complete a MEB. I have an O-7 and a CSM trying to help my case along to no avail. The Army National Guard obviously doesn't care after I've given 25 years of service.
I was very surprised to get an email from platoon daddy coming the entire upper CoC telling me I'm not trustworthy and manipulating the system for fake injuries. Wasn't expecting that. Nasty Girl here btw. Five years of drill while going through this sounds horrendous.