New here. Lots of concerns and questions.............


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Good morning everyone, I am of course going through a MEB findings came back with 10 %DOD and 80% VA. I did a rebuttal of course. Any tips would be great.
My conditions were Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, left ankle instability which the VA combined and gave me 10% and the DOD went with that. My other condition was pes plano deformity. This MEB process has been frustrating. I am wondering if anyone has any templates in regards to witness afidavits? If you had to go trough the rebuttal process how was your experience?


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I kinda don't see the issue the DOD and VA came with the same rating typically these go in your favor when the VA rates much higher than the DOD side which is common, nevertheless I got lucky and my DOD was much higher than the VA rating but that's rare. Please send me a PM with your email so I can send you the witness affidavit I cannot attach it via the forum.
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