New to the process.. What is the timelime that I should expect?


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Good Afternoon All;

I am a Active duty SGT in the Army, been serving for the past 4 years. Last year while at another installation, I was started having issues with a knee, which lead to a plica removal. In addition, I was diagnosed with an AVM, which cause a seizure disorder and had an emergency hysterectomy. Yes, all in the same year. The plica removal never solved the knee issue, which has now been diagnosed as mild/moderate "Chondromalacia". The AVM is stable for now, but I am currently taking anti-seizure medications for the "epilepsy" and let's say the emergency hysterectomy didn't go well and I had to have to more 2 emergency procedures to correct the problem. ALL IN ALL I have had temporary after temporary profiles, even for the epilepsy. I thought that gotten over the hump and no one even thought about referral to MEB.

Now, I have PCS'd to a new installation, I requested to see the neurologist to continue the care for the "epilepsy". No new seizures after medications were added to a daily regiment, mind you. The PCM making the referral for neurology took one look at the previous notes and flipped. AUTOMATIC MEB referral. Now, I am not upset about the process, I guess that physician had to do what they had to do .?. :( But, now I am in the middle of reclassing to an exciting MOS and was told that I would miss a lot of time from school because of the MEB process (VA appointments) which will probably cause me to fail the course.

Not only that, I have been given a P3 for a condition (seizures) that I should have been give a P3 for a year ago, per regulations. I was only given repeated T3's. I have not seen any standard regs regarding the AVMs and I have a P2 for the chondromalacia. I am frustrated about process at this point, because even though I may be "returned to duty" ... I may be affected with reclassification. I am unsure of where to go or what to do.

Everyone is saying wait the process out but I may not have that kind of time according to the school officials. I just want to finish school... Is this going to be a lengthy process so that I may possibly finish school, I still have about 7 -8 months to go? Everything that I have read states 6 months or less.


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This is my first time responding to anything on here, so take it with a grain of salt....

As a medic who is currently going through the MEB/PEB process, I can tell you that the docs the Army has don't always follow the regulations. I should have been boarded 2 years ago, but everybody wanted to try and manage my migraines & TBI. Oh well...

First, the chances of you being in an Army school during the MEB process are slim to none. Part of the reporting to school process is giving them a copy of your DA 3349 profile form. They're not supposed to enroll you in the course unless you've been found fit for duty by the PEB (if you have any sort of "3" in your profile serial code).

Second, any sort of timeline that people give you should be doubled. Prepare yourself for a long, annoying wait. If it says something will take 5 days, it'll take 72. I've been in the process since September and I just signed my NARSUM on Friday. From here, I can expect to wait another 3-5 months.

If you've got any questions, ask away.



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How long you should expect will vary greatly from place to place, and with the individual circumstances of your post (like whether you are in a simple MEB or somewhere there is a Pilot Program location). I just got my final ratings. My board took over 14 months total. It took 9 months from initiation until my unfit finding at the PEB. I personally have not seen a board take less than 6 months. I've heard of it but come to wonder if it's urban legend!

Good luck.

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