New Update!! and need some help =)


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Hello Everyone! It has been a long time coming, but my MEB is now moving forward to the PEB. I have osme new information etc so any help would be appreciated:

I started the board process with my back (from a high fall in iraq) and as the board went on PTSD was added. Both of these conditions will probably be found unfit for duty.

Now, I went and got a sleep test done and the docs found I have sever sleep apnea and I have to wear a CPAP mask every night.

(Sorry if this is in wrong thread)

As I look at all the information for my issues tell me if im off base on a VA rating -

PTSD - 50% (if found unfit by the army? TDRL 50% worse case)
Back - 20% According to regs
Sleep Apnea - 50% (Automatic 50% from what I was told at hospital. They said in order to get the 50% I must stay compliant using the machine every night. They have a chip recording its use)

So we take 50% for ptsd, we take 25% of the 50% for sleep apnea which is 75% rounded up to 80%. 10% of the 20% for my back puts it at 90% VA rating.

Am I correct on this? Please let me know if I am off on my math!. =)

Since I have been so dang busy as of late, I have not had time to post here on quite a few things I have learned along the way through the board process. I will post that in the coming weeks after my PEB is returned to help people out who are in a situation close to me. btw, it was along road. I am a year and 4 months into the board as of today.

Good news however is that I applied for SS for my PTSD and that I should find out on that in the next 45 days or so, so I will post more info.

Good Day all and I will be back soon ^^


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%50 + %50 + %20 = %80 using the VA's fuzzy math. You don't round up/down until you add all of the percentages together.


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PTSD Minimum of 50% if severe enough to warrant removal from active duty.
Back, if unfitting, would be rated per the VASRD. (What reg were your referring to?)
Sleep apnea, if unfitting, 50% if CPAP required.

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