NMA contains admin sep and has typo errors?


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Good evening everyone,

Received my NMA from my command a couple weeks ago (stationed in Whidbey Island).

NMA states:
" Due to member currently working outside of their rating, member may be able to pursue another rating that doesn't require specific medical requirements. Member is undergoing medical board and upon conclusion of that would determine his if he can be retained in Navy. We then will assist him in a rating conversion. If not, he will be medically or administratively separated from Naval Service."

1. First thing that popped out at me was the mention of administrative separation. EP, super squeaky clean sailor, so there's no justification for an admin separation. Not sure why this is mentioned in my NMA.
2. There's a pretty major typo error (it's underlined) in a pretty significant legal document than an E-7 probably wrote and O-6 signed off on.

I contacted general DES counsel (JAG provided) and they mentioned the my NMA is basically indirecting saying I'm unfit for service in my current rating. Agreed - not sure why admin sep is in it though. DES counsel also said it's not a major issue given my C&P exam ratings and the impact of addressing the NMA in my personal statement.

Anyone have any insights to share? Should I get this fixed with my chain?

Reached out to private counsel and will see what they have to say.

Thanks for all of your help!


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Per our conversation, in case others want to way in as well. I think it leans unfit yes, but if possible try to get it back and make it leave no doubt if that is the outcome you want. The command is just misinformed as they cannot admin sep you for the medical condition you are sent to a PEB for IF you were found fit for duty. But if the attorney isnt worried and thinks the personal statement will be enough then id listen to them.
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