No contact from VA


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15aug20- medboard started by doctor (Ptsd due to MST)
20aug20- contacted by Peblo, was told Va should contact me for appointments within a week
20sep20- finally got a hold of Peblo, told him still no call from or email from Va. He gave me a email to inquire to.
24Sep20- no email back from va email.

im worried that the Va still hasn’t contacted me. My friend started her medboard around the same time and she’s almost done with her va appointments.

Also my soft eaos is june2021. Will that affect if they find me fit or unfit since I am so close to getting out? And what happens if this isn’t all done by then?


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I called QTC to get my VA Appts, you just might have to drive further to a QTC office that is open during Corona.
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