No cost TAD orders while on PEB?


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I have asked a few times to a few people but was wondering if anyone has gotten away with getting new orders?
My significant other is in Illinois and was wondering since there is a big medical facility there if I can transfer over there instead of staying in SoCal for my PEB?

Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, where do I go?


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I was given temporary duty orders for 2.5 months. but they are only temporary, my CoC contacted a base near my family and a navy division there agreed to take responsibility for me. However for me, I couldn't work at all, needed help being driven places, and I only went 5 hours away. There is no set way it is done. My CoC referred to it as No Cost TDY. it was basically just a special request chit that assigned for 75 days to a division at a base near my family. you can also see if maybe a recruiting station could use you. good luck


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Well im working at a hospital in SD while im on LIMDU waiting for my PEB. I was just thinking itd be easier to go near someone im close to in Illinois while waiting for my PEB to finish.


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One strategy might be to talk to them about your struggles and the benefits of having family help, then ask if a medical transfer is possible.
During my PEB process (which is still going) it started in Newport, RI. my children were in NC while my household good s and all were located in VA. I wanted to go back to VA so I can have my children back. I went through my COC and requested to go TAD during this PEB process. They was on board with it as long as your PEBLO is okay with you doing it as well. my first set of orders were for 6 months. In that I am requesting a formal and the first 6 months was about to expire, they went ahead an extended me another 6 months (hopefully everything is done by the end of this second set) so indeed it is possible.
the instruction states that you are not allowed to PCS or anything. However No cost TAD orders is no cost to the government and you will be returning to your duty station whether you get out or cont service as that is where you have no choice to process all paper work. If you are found FIT and are PCS to another location you will report back to your duty station that you are attached to and process from there, the navy will pay for that however, they will not pay for a move that is under no cost TAD orders


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So if I wanted to go to another state, id have to pay for the flight ticket?
Yes, this is likley. You stated that you are in the region of NMCSD, I would imagine they are going to take the position that there is more than adequate health care resources in the San Diego region, to include both civilian and military.

You would need to demonstrate to them that being near your significant other is crucial to your current recovery.

Based upon your timeline in you signature, you are nearing the end of the PEB journey, it should be completed in about 4 months or less.
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