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I hope I am posting in the right forum. I am in a temp AGR tour for one year (air).

Last year, before my tour, I had a miscarriage. I sought out therapy myself and was placed on antianxiety and anti depressants. I told a nurse I was on these medications and was told since it was due to an isolated event that I was fine, no paperwork needed to be done.

I accepted the AGR tour. When I was later randomly drug tested the xanex I was on popped. I was chided for "hiding" this information by the same nurse (I work in the med group). She was the case manager at the time and said I had to go through a MEB. This later turned into a non duty DES (even though I've had anxiety/depression in the past due to a sexual assault on a tdy). Also, At the time, I was on a temp profile from the active duty base for switching my anti depressant. I was in no way hiding anything, and tried to take all of the correct steps.

I was put on a profile for the xanex and migraines. Migraines, because I left work an hour early one day because of a headache. The headaches I had were since found to be a side effect of the antidepressant I was on.

My doctor has recently written a letter stating that I am no longer taking the xanex, the migraines were a side effect to the medication, and in another month I will be off the anti depressants.

I am being told that the profile cannot be removed until the NGB makes a decision on my case. I have read through a few AFI's but can't find proper guidance on this. Does anyone know if this is the case? This profile is holding up my promotion, and making me ineligible for TDY's.

Additionally, if there is no communication from the NGB by the end of this fiscal year, how would this affect my AGR tour being extended?

I have gone above and beyond performing my duties, as well as helping out the Command Chief, and Family Programs. How can this be conveyed to the NGB when they review my case? I want to do everything I can to insure that I am able to stay in. Thank you.


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If your profile says you are DAV-37, that does make you non-deployable and you aren't supposed to go TDY. However, I've never heard of a profile holding up a promotion.
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