Noob Here! Please help me understand.


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Couple of questions for you fine folks -

1. I was recently placed PDRL when I thought was told by PEBLO that I would 100% certainly be put on TDRL. After all was said and done I just found out I am PDRL, but I don't know enough about this whole process to fully understand the difference. From what I gather PDRL is a pretty good outcome. Is this correct?

2. I elected to go VA pay over DoD pay. By making that election, did I forfeit any future pay from VA? 80% was DOD and 100% VA. What I am getting at is what would happen if my VA award was ever lowered less than what I would get from DOD? Am I at risk because I elected VA award?

3. AW2 Rep is telling me to submit for CRSC. Does this process subject any of my ratings to be changed? Is it even worth applying? I wouldn't want to do anything to subject myself to any rating changes, as I did far better in the IDES than expected.

I do appreciate any replies you give. This process is confusing. Thanks again.

- Drake


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You most likely will fair best by taking VA pay.

You did not forfeit future choices. If you are awarded CRSC by the Army, DFAS will calculate both options and chose the option that gives you the most money.
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