Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


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Hello, I’m new to the MEB process and seeking guidance. I’m a Master Sergeant with 22 years of Active Service. I’m being MEB for severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This has been going on for a few years now and has limited my social and family life. I cannot concentrate at work and my performance has decreased in the past year. The OCD has completely taken over my life and the counting is non stop. This disorder has made me very depressed because this is something I just can’t control. So, my BH therapist submitted the paperwork to start the MEB process. I have other medical conditions listed below and would like to know will all these conditions be included in the ratings process?

Medical Conditions:
1. Hypothyroidism with constipation and cold sensitivity.
2. Chronic Gastritis discovered during Endoscopy for H. Pylori bacteria.
3. Migraine Headaches (3-4 a week) taking Maxalt
4. Left Tibula Fracture (plate and 7 screws) P2 Profile
5. Left Knee Surgery: knee is worse off after the surgery. I have osteoarthritis in this knee.
6. Right Knee Meniscus Tear discovered this week thru MRI. I have Tricompartmental chondromalacia in this knees
7. Lambrum Tear in right hip (currently getting steroid injections)
8. Internal Hemorrhoids discovered during colonoscopy
9. Chronic Pelvic Pain: I believe is caused by the cyst on my ovary and fibroid tumors. The doctor says the cyst and fibroid tumors are small and couldn’t be causing the pain, but I have to wear lidocaine patches daily and the pain is severe.

Any assistance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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When you meet with the MSC (VA rep) you can claim all conditions at that time. Perhaps now is a good time to start getting together a list of all conditions for that meeting with the MSC.
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