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How close was your timeline compared to the timeline IDES tells you that everything should take?

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So I thought I would share my unique timeline in case it might help someone else.
Mar 2016- Doc referred to MEB due to developing in my remaining kidney after losing my other kidney to kidney stones. During this time, I was jumping through hoops to get treatment for my lower back and bil neuropathy.
May 2016- Initial entry into IDES.
July 2016- C&P exams started.
August 2016- MEB stated that my conditions made me FIT in all aspects to serve (despite what my civilian specialists said my limitations were). There were so many mistakes in their findings that I wondered if they looked at the right chart. They didn't even have my job correct. Filed a rebuttal pointing out all the errors and that they did not use current records in their determination. They didn't care.
Sep 2016- Packet sent to Informal Board.
Nov 2016- Received "FIT for DUTY" determination. Upon receiving this, I asked for a formal board and was lucky enough to have them grant this to me.
Jan 2017- My Formal Board was scheduled in the middle of this month. However, my back condition had failed conservative treatment and was left with two options- back surgery or narcotics to control pain. I chose back surgery that was to happen by the end of the month. I made sure all of those notes made it to the Formal Board before it convened. My atty and I discussed at great lengths my medical conditions and it's impact on me to continue to serve. They agreed that I was not Fit for Duty for my back and neuropathy (but I was for my remaining kidney with kidney stones that I was on medications for). HOWEVER, because my surgery needed to be done, the board could not forward the paperwork to the VA for ratings because the IDES process has to stop while I'm recovering from surgery so that my condition can be re-eval'd when my recovery has stabilized. When I got back home, the IDES doctors (MEB) sat on my records until 2 days before I was scheduled for surgery. (This doesn't make civilian surgeons and hospitals happy).
Feb 2017- Back surgery. Conleave through May 2017.
Returned to work May 2017, but condition was not stabilized for rating purposes. Extension put in to allow me to stay in the army (my obligation was to end 30 Jun 2017). Was told my extension would definitely be approved to allow the MEB process to continue. But then got called into the command suite 2 weeks before my ETS date and was told my extension was not going to be approved and I had to be out in the next two weeks and good luck.
I had to contact Ombudsman, VA liaisons at the hospital, the PEBLO and her supervisor to get someone to contact the Office of the Surgeon General to get their approval on a packet to extend me so I could finish the IDES process. Received approval for 90 day extension 4 days before I was supposed to be out (had been clearing during that time because I didn't have a choice, but I was madder than a hornet).
Aug 2017- Was determined that my condition was stable enough for rating.
Sept 2017- New C&P exams. New extension paperwork filled out through 31 Jan 2018.
Oct 2017- Found unfitting conditions by MEB. Sent up to Informal Board.
Nov 2017- Informal Board found Unfit for Duty for kidney and back and neuropathy this time. Sent to VA for rating.
Dec 2017- Started extension paperwork to extend past 31 Jan 2018.
Jan 2018- Ratings came back. 50% DOD and 100% VA. Then was told I would have to wait a few months for discharge/retirement orders. On 17 Jan, was told by PEBLO that my extension packet wasn't going to be approved *even though I was told over and over again not to worry because it would be"and that my retirement orders had been magically cut between the beginning of the month and the 17th. I was told I had to be retired by 31 Jan. So then I stressed majorly out about trying to clear the unit and the post in less than 2 weeks by the final time I got orders and clearing papers. PITA. Went on retirement list 31 Jan.

I'll start another post about pay elsewhere- cause that's a whole other ball of wax, but while I'm happy for the retirement, the IDES process was a real nightmare. All I can say is keep seeking your light at the end of the tunnel, have your therapist on speed dial, and become friends with the staff at the Class Six. Uncle Sam wants you fit so he doesn't have to give you a medical retirement after he broke you. At least that was the mentality at my post by the MEB physicians reviewing your records. I knew about things going on in my case from the updates on AKO before my PEBLO knew about things and I had to contact her. I guess as far as PEBLOs go, she was ok. The command treats you like a dirt ball and some rude things were said about all of those in the IDES process (we're scammers trying to get a retirement, fakers, using the system, lazy, etc). Don't expect your brothers and sisters to help you during this time because they won't (at least it is rare to find one or two who treat you the same as before you started the process). I don't want to admit how many tears of frustration I shed during this process and how all the legwork I did for my own case because highly educated people don't know how to read a chart.
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