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Officer Dual Process


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Good morning, I was in the dual process with a resignation in lieu of elimination and a PEB. I received my 199 in August and agreed with the findings. I was expecting months maybe a year at ARBA before finding out if I would be medically retired (based on the years of posts I read on here). However, I received my 199 back last week signed by the SEC Army REP approving the results. I called transition, and they said I will have my retirement orders next week. Is this a mistake? Has the process sped up significantly? The process is so ambiguous that even my attorney (private) doesn't know what's going on. He said he "thinks this means they selected the medical retirement." Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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No two cases are the same. Some are a clear yes or no. Those go faster. The rest take more time to weed through. Timelines have always been high variable.