Osteoarthritis with Bilateral Ankle Fusions


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Just wondering if anyone has gone through a MEB/PEB for having both the Left and Right subtalar joints fused? Im currently in the Army with 12 1/2 years. Over the last 2 years I have had to get both of my subtalar joints fused in my feet due to osteoarthritis. Now both of my knees also have Osteoarthritis and cause constant pain. I was referred by my chain of command for a fitness for duty physical and that triggered by MEB. Currently I just go to work on Percocet all day for the pain. I am new to the process and meet with my PEBLO on Tuesday 13 April. I have been seen at multiple civilian hospitals and surgeons. I was told by the MEB section at Ft. Carson that I need to get all of those medical documents if I want them included in my MEB/PEB. Is this common practice? I am currently getting them however in the state of Colorado they charge money. So with all of these records (probably 300-400 pages) its gonna cost me about $200. Although I am sure its worth it with all the documentation they contain. Thanks for any and all guidance!

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This is an interesting issue. It sounds like from an evidentiary standpoint, these records are worth getting. It does sound like the issue is getting compensated for the out of pocket expenses. I have a few thoughts. First, I would ask your PEBLO about any funding available for this...it strikes me that there is probably a way for the military to request these records (with an authorization from you) and pay for it. (I am basing this on my experiences, both in a line unit in command, and as a former JAG, that if the right person authorizes the payment, it can happen). However, this may not be easy. It strikes me that you may be able to make a claim for this money (this is just on gut instinct, I would probably start with your claims section at your local Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, and inquire about this). Finally, if you can't get anyone to authorize a payment or a claim, your expenditure should be deductible on your taxes.

These are just my initial thoughts without taking a hard look at the possible avenues for recouping the $200. In the big scheme of things, though, if these items are helpful to a good resolution of your case, it strikes me that the investment in getting them will pay off in the long run.

Best of luck! If you get some good resolution on your issue, please consider posting what you did to resolve this issue. It may help someone else in a similar circumstance!


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Thanks Jason! Believe me I think that $200 is going to go a long way. I was just kind of shocked that they wouldnt request the docs with an authorization for release. But I am all about taking care of it myself. So far browsing through this site is extremely helpful. Thanks for what you do. So far I havent seen anything quite similar to my case. So I have 2 questions:

1. Since I have both ankles fused does this qualify for Bilateral Factor or are they going to rate this as one major or minor group?

2. I know its impossible to predict % but how is the Bilateral factor applied?

Thanks anyone!
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