osteopenic, vitamin d deffiecnt, stress fracture, hip impigment labral tear MEB?


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so as you can see by the title i waited to long and fought pain to long during service before being seen. i have been on temporary profile for about a year now and after a pcm change i was told i was going to be referd for a MEB due to my condition lasting so long, i am set to have a injection of my hip to try and soothe my pain however my ortho doesnt feel it will work and has already disccused what surgery he is going to perform if the injection fails. he said i would be receiving a labral surgery as well as a reshaping of my hip and socket. this being said how is this my going to effect my meb? will it be haulted in early staged to await the surgery? After my surgery will it still continue or is it going to be postponned to to me receiving surgery? i have reached out to my case manager and my provider and they are not totally sure. i met with my provider yesterday and asked about it and he stated he was putting my MEB refferal in that day my case manager put that she met with my PCM and i was not at MRDP however he already told me he was putting it in so im a little lost in the sauce.


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Surgery can pause the process. This allows for healing and recovery. Then if need be, evaluation of residual disability, if any.