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Haven't seen much posted about overseas cases, so here's mine. I'm currently in Iwakuni, Japan. Going fairly into detail cause the process has been long and annoying and hopefully knowing what to look for/expect can help other marines.
10 FEB 2020: Original back injury during a PFT, diagnosed with muscle spasms.
4 APR 2020: After multiple appointments recommended to physical therapy. Cue months of appointments, light duty off and on and partial fitness tests throughout the entire below period.
8 DEC 2021: Finally receive an X-ray after PT is unsuccessful in reducing my pain levels. Told by my current doc that I won't get a MRI unless my condition worsens after the X-ray doesn't show much.
16 MAR 2022: Switch docs after months of appointments. Finally get a MRI scheduled.
21 JUN 2022: Get my results back. The MRI was misreported and I'm told by my physical therapist doc that there is nothing to show on the images because he only bothered to read the report.
15 AUG 2022: See my main doc again, get told that he's waiting on the images to come through but the report doesn't say anything. Says that he wants to send me to okinawa to try pain management consisting of steroid injections in my spine and if that doesn't work we'll see about putting me on a medboard.
13 SEP 2022: Images come through and I have multiple bulging discs. One on my L1 and two on my L4 and L5 among other problems. Doc agrees that Okinawa would only be a temp fix and recommends me to be medboarded. Recommends I don't receive surgery.
14 SEP 2022: Final physical therapy appointment. The main doc there insists that I don't have anything wrong with my back because he's still just reading the report for the second time even after I explain the situation to him.
23 SEP 2022: 6100-5 form denied by convening authority for wording.
19 OCT 2022: My second 6100-5 form is submitted OCT 6 and approved the 19th.
20 OCT 2022: I get my naval message from my LIMDU coordinator.
21 OCT 2022: 6100-5 and the naval message saying I should be sent back to the states for the IDES process are brought to my S1. I'm told that they'll start working on my tour curtailment.
14 NOV 2022: Told by my S1 that they need a written letter signed by an O5+ to finish my tour curtailment. I'm now waiting on my LIMDU coordinator to get back to me. Pretty confused right now because medical told me the 6100-5 and the naval message would be enough to get my tour curtailed.