P3 for no weapon..help


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I’ve been informed I will be receiving a permanent profile for no carry due to seizure activity which a neurologist stated COULD be connected to multiple IED exposure. I believe this will end my career. I have other SC conditions and I would like to know my rights. My LES shows 19 yrs; however, I have 13 active years. Is it a possibility I will have to take a med retirement or get nothing? Please help and email me.

Bilateral ankle injuries
Ringing ears
Post Concussive Syndrome
Unexplained loss of consciousness

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If unfit, you will be either separated or retired (some people have issues with conditions not being in the line of duty, but this does not sound like an issue in your case). It is hard/impossible to judge potential outcomes without more information, but if you look at the VASRD sections, you can see the criteria for various ratings.

It is a huge advantage financially to reach 20 years (and it also locks in the minimum length of service retirement provisions). If you have 19 years (reserve time), it seems highly likely that your case would take at least a year to work through the system (given that you have not had an MEB initiated as of yet). Sometimes cases move fast, but a year (or more) to completely process a case is not unusual.


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I have the same thing, a P3 for no weapon. Is it even possible to stay in and never be able to use a weapon?
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