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Hello all,

Hoping to get some good conversation rolling and some ideas.

I have had 2 spine surgeries (different level fusions). I have been taking very low dose hydrocodone (5mg’s) for about 2 years to manage pain. Low and behold it got me through the day! It took the edge off but by no means did it “help” significantly. Doctor wanted me on 20mg oxycontin’s and 2mg’s Dilaudid, but IM THE ONE WHO SAID NO GIVE ME SOMETHING WEAKER.

Anyway, due to the opioid epidemic, physicians are ceasing the narcotic meds of a lot of patients. This movement has pushed countless chronic pain patients to suicide. I’m not ignorant to the fact that doctors want to protect their license I would too! However, there needs to be balance..

I started with one military pain clinic, and was referred to another due to crap care. This new pain clinic (a hospital some of you may know in Bethesda) wants to do a 3RD SURGERY, which I am hesitant about as I’d still be serving and not on a Med Board if it weren’t for the first, let alone second.

I’m down for it, because my goal is to minimize pain - but the date is 2 months out. They cease my pain meds which were the only thing working, and say wait 2 months?? SUPPLEMENT THE LOSS OF PAIN MANAGEMENT AT THE VERY LEAST! What the heck.. any ideas?

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Have you considered alternate methods of pain management like medicinal marijuana? I know a several individuals in my extended family that have illness that cause chronic pain which allowed them to receive small doses of pain meds as well. Two have recently changed over to using marijuana in one way or another to help with their pain.
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