PCM seperating, PEB or fit for EAS?


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Without getting to much into the details; AD Marine, currently on LIMDU 1. I began seeing my PCM for headaches and neck pain in Oct 2017 which quickly advanced to a number of diagnoses, a number of MRIs and seeing 8 specialist doctors in total. My terminal leave is quickly approaching (Jan 14, 2019) and I'm still receiving treatment from the neurologist and pain management.
The PCM had told me a number of times that I would simply be on LIMDU until my EAS date where she would mark me as fit to separate. Word is my PCM is leaving, separating from service, and I can't reach her. I'm unsure of what to do from this point and my command is of no help. Am I screwing myself by not trying for a PEB? Has my PCM not fulfilled her duties, and am I doing everything I am supposed to do? I'm just unsure of what to do from this point and any advice or guidance would help.
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