PDBR Accepted/CG Pay and Personnel Issues


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Hi! Hopefully someone can help me.
Over a year ago my PDBR recommendation was accepted by the CG. I was awarded 50% retired pay for 6 months, after which 10% and severance pay (my initial award). The CG said they had to verify my initial severance pay was paid back (it was when I was awarded my current VA compensation). I have submitted 3 trouble tickets within the past year and contacted one Pay Technician via email twice. The first time is when he informed me they were waiting for the severance pay confirmation and the second time, last week to ask for an update. He gave me the email of my assigned pay technician and I’ve emailed him twice with no response. I am getting really frustrated. Over a year to confirm severance pay was recouped? That sounds ridiculous, even for the government. Can anyone help? If this is not the right forum could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!
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