PDBR No Response?


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Hi all, new to the forum. I was discharged from the Air Force at 10 percent back in May 2005 for Bi-Polar disorder. I didn’t know about the VA or compensation until 2010 after a few inpatient trips to the psych ward. I’m 2014 I was determined to be 70 percent by the VA with unemployability at 100 percent. Then sometime in the spring of 2017 I received the PDBR letter but didn’t submit it until 1 August 2017, authorizing ‘any and all’ medical records from my time in the military related to my discharge as I realize only those hospitalizations and treatments are considered for the PDBR. I sent the paperwork via FedEx and my tracking information stated an Airman at Randolph AFB received it. Since then I have received nothing; no correspondence or email response from anyone related to the PDBR. Is this normal? What should I do from here? I appreciate any advice.


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It is unfortunately normal in this particular process.

I submitted my paperwork in Feb of 2017 and just received an email stating that had obtained my VA records and still waiting on my Army and PEB documents...........after 16 months

The only thing I know that we can do is wait, which sucks. you can try emailing them, but they usually respond with some generic info that is less than helpful [email protected]
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