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I was placed on the PDRL with 30% for my ulcerative colitis (referred condition). I was told not to try to increase the rating on this one. But I notice that it is getting worse. Will I eventually get a re evaluation being on the PDRL? Or do I have to request it?

I was rated at a total of 70% for other non referred conditions. Will these conditions be re evaluated too? I’m just kind of confused how the whole re evaluation process works.


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You can ask the VA to re-rate you; but DoD the only way to get DoD to up your percentage would be to prove it wasn't rated properly at the time you went on PDRL.

Matt Kozyra

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And that's super hard to do. The "P" in PDRL stands for Permanent. No one from the PEB will ever look at those findings again.

Instead, you'll have to file a petition with the Board for the Correction of Naval / Military Records (depending on your Service branch). That's a lengthy process with a very low success rate. As Chaps said, you'll need to prove that your condition at the time of your separation was worse than they rated you.

It's relatively difficult to get a rating higher than 30% for UC to begin with. Not that it doesn't happen - it's just one of the more difficult ones to max out. The higher ratings require:

Pronounced; resulting in marked malnutrition, anemia, and general debility, or with serious complication as liver abscess 100%
Severe; with numerous attacks a year and malnutrition, the health only fair during remissions. 60%

It can be a challenge to prove those things, especially if you accept your findings now and want to challenge them years down the road.

All of that is for your DoD percentage, which doesn't actually even matter for most people. Most folks, their entire DoD retirement check gets swallowed by their VA check. Every dollar you get from the VA takes one dollar away from your DoD check, and since your VA percentage is typically much higher than your DoD percentage, the DoD usually doesn't pay you anything at all.

On the VA side, you can ALWAYS ask them to increase your percentages. Any time you think your condition has gotten worse, you can send that evidence to the VA and ask them to up your ratings. Heck, you can do that every week until you die.

That's where most people get their increased benefits when their conditions get worse. The VA will compensate you for your present symptoms, even if they're worse than when you left active duty. The DoD just takes a snapshot at the day your results were finalized.
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