PDRL -> TDRL possible?


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I have read here and there on the internet that it is remotely possible to go from PDRL to TDRL if you have recovered from the injury that you were found fit for, or if you were misdiagnosed. I can never seem to find any concrete answers on how this process would go, or if anyone has successfully completed it. Anyone advice from someone with firsthand knowledge of what this process would entail and the possible outcomes would be much appreciated.

Also, is this one of those situations where you pretty much have to be walking on water and the military desperately needs you (I.E. thoracic surgeon, roman catholic chaplain, etc..) in order to get through the hoops and pull off returning to service?


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No, the DOD is not the VA and does not issue new ratings as your prognosis changes throughout life. The best option would be to apply for a federal position on an installation or take military contractor position.
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