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I was initially referred to the MEB for mild sleep apnea with excessive daytime sleepiness and lower back pain which were both diagnosed by civilian doctors, and now waiting for my C&P exam. My PCP who is a military doc referred me to walter Reed Bethesda to see a military sleep specialist to find medication for the daytime sleepiness. During this visit, the new sleep specialist said that he doesn't think i have sleep apnea so he would perform another test and also a test for narcolepsy. I just finished both tests yesterday and she confirmed that i don't have sleep apnea, but yet to release the results for narcolepsy in February. How is this diagnostic change going to affect my MEB. Also, I'm more concerned because i don't think i slept during the nap tests because of nerves even though i dozed off in between naps. Since my sleep apnea diagnosis has been scraped, in a case that i don't get diagnosed with narcolepsy, can i fight to keep the first sleep apnea diagnosis from the civilian doctor, or will i be out of luck? My lower back diagnosis still holds. All inputs welcomed. Thank you.


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In the IDES process the C&P examiner will look at all the evidence and decide what if any diagnosis is appropriate. This takes it out of the hands of other docs. They will look at your sleep study and interview you.

If I were the patient, I would want to know the real deal on my diagnosis. Not just what a particular doc says, but why they came to a particular conclusion. Docs disagree on diagnosis with some regularity.
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