PEB Findings are in!


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24 FEB P3 Profile issued for L5-S1 DDD
04 MAR MEB Started - Phase I & II Physicals completed. ROM Completed, all appts kept, a million briefings, and ACAP completed.
07 APR Case Status: Awaiting Physician Signature - NARSUM
13 APR Case Status: Awaiting Approving Authority (DCCS) Signature - DA 3947
15 APR Date SM Signed - DA 3947
19 APR Awaiting PEB Findings
03 MAY PEB Findings in
04 MAY Forwarded info back to PEB
04 MAY PEB forwards info to PDA
06 MAY PDA Separation notification
Final out on May 19th.


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Thanks for sharing this timeline. And good luck and good health in the future. Looks like the system worked for you.



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Hey man, got some questions. I too am being MEB for DDD L5S1. They did the disk replacement surgery but didnt work. What type of disability did you get? Did they medically retire you? At what %? When PEB is done, do you only have a certain amount of days until you are booted out? Should I burn leave now, put in resumes??? I know lots of questions. Any info would help! FYI - Im a CW2 with 12 yrs active service. Thanks!
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