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I recently applied for an appointment with the Army National Guard as a Medical Specalist Officer (Physical Therapist) with 7.5 years prior service in the US Navy. I was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1998 for a medical condition following a PEB. I have been informed that I do not medically qualify for the ARNG because (per the findings of the PEB) my disability is "permanent." I underwent a medical exam at MEPS in July 2010 and my
DD2808 indicated that I was “qualified for service” and “no significant or disqualifying defects." I've checked DOD Instruction 6130.03 and my medical condition is NOT disqualifying according to the guidelines listed.

My question is: can I appeal this decision with the ARNG and/or can I have my PEB results changed after 13 years?

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I have seen some odd cases where people are enlisted/appointed into RC positions after AD PEBs found them unfit. But, I think it is normal for you to not be able to enter military service after an unfit finding. I have seen cases where people have appealed to BCNR/BCMR showing that they no longer have condition or are better to the point where they can serve. I think you have to apply to the Navy for correction of your records to address this.
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