PEB from overseas (Japan)


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So to make this short, I was limdu last year for diabetes type, was cleared ACC 100 in Oct 19, got orders to Reagan, did the overseas screening and they found me unsuitable and that triggered this PEB on me. I'm panicking and stressing out. My family is set here in Japan. With this COVID-19 going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Please anyone can help on what will happen to me? I have been talking with my PCM at the hospital, but he hasn't put me limdu yet which would trigger the "limdu orders back to conus" from what he told me. I only got until March 2022 to my EAOS. I did put my fleet reserves in last month, but this PEB will most likely trump it and probably get denied for fleet reserves. Anyone help me out on what I should be expecting and what I can do to have maybe my family stay here in case they kick me back to the States for the PEB?
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