PEB has my packet, Preliminaries where returned but no results. Whats next?


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Hello all,

My current situation is I am in the final stage of my MEB process. My packet was received by the PEB in Fort Lewis, WA on Oct 27, 2010. Dec 2nd I called my PEBLO and he stated my Preliminaries have returned with 4 things the Army is looking at compensating me for but still no results/ratings. I was under the impression the preliminaries came only a couple days before one should expect their ratings/findings.

My question is does anyone know how long it normally takes to received results from the PEB after they send back the preliminaries? My PEBLO originally told me 30 days tops for my packet to be received and returned from the PEB. Now last week I was told 3 weeks for findings and rating to return which would put me at roughly 64 days. Second part of my question is once the findings are returned and I have no desires to appeal what is a possible time line that I could be out of the military.



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Phar, if you are in the army it pretty much goes like this. (Best timeline scenario. Can be faster or longer)

Once PEB recieves your packet, it roughly takes around 15-30 days. They shoot for a 15 day return but it doesn't always happen. I have seen both. Mine took 30 days or there abouts. I had no prelims. on the 30 day mark or so, my peblo called me and said I was found unfit for my conditions and it was forwarded to the VA (Where it is currently at) It then gets rate, then sent back to the PEB and then from the PEB back to the peblo. Once you sign on what your gonna do etc, then it goes to the disability something or other and you get your final out date etc.

So a best guess timline of thos whole thing goes like this but changes do to quite a few factors:

Sent to PEB (under review) 30 days.
PEB finds you fit (return to duty) or
PEB finds you unfit and rating forwarded to VA (review) take anywhere from 45-90 days. (was told average was about 45 days
VA Rates you and send to PEB: takes a coupe of days to 2 weeks.
You sign (you have like 10-15 days to do so)
If you agree, it goes to disability: 3 days to 2 weeks.
Orders cut: 1-3 months remaining depending on your leave, PTDY etc.

I was basically told I would have roughly 90 days after I sign my ratings.

Might work a bit different at lewis as mine was done at walter reed but it's all around the same.

I do know for a fact that the holidays does not affect the status time.

Hope this helps.

Murph. Others will chime in I am sure.


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Thank you for the information Murph, I am Active Army. I asked the PEBLO what exactly was a preliminary because to that point, I had never heard of it. He said it was the things the Army found me unfit for. So I assume my packet may have been reviewed and has been sent to VA. That was the missing link I was confused on. The way I was briefed was the MEB office sends it to the PEB and 30 days later boom you got your %'s lol.

Again thanks for the info, now I can quite sweating waiting on that phone call from my least for a few more weeks :)


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I too am stationed at Ft Lewis and am in the PEB phase. My packet was sent to the VA from the PEB on 17Feb and was told by my PEBLO that I should hear back regarding my ratings within 3-4 weeks. It's already been 2 weeks and hoping that I hear something soon. How much longer can this process take? I started the whole MEB process in March 2010 and here I am still going through it. Anyone have any idea by when I should be done this this? Thanks.


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feel lucky, gsepulveda, that you are already at the PEB phase. many people in my unit have been fighting for years just to reach that point who started MEB long before you. my PEB is happening at Ft. Lewis too, and i've been waiting for 5 weeks now for my ratings. this is my timeline posted over in the Timeline thread:

"Dec 2009: Medical treatment first sought for condition
June 2010: P3 profile FINALLY issued/first visit to PEBLO
Sept 2010: Phase 1/Phase 2 physicals completed
Dec 2010: NARSUM completed (3 MONTH WAIT!!! :mad:)
Jan 2011: MEB packet signed and sent to PEB (A FULL MONTH WAIT!!! :mad:)
Mar 2011: 5 weeks and still waiting on IPEB results...

it's simply ridiculous that there are people out there that first saw their PEBLO 4 months after i did and they are already out of the service. what's more ridiculous is i'm considered one of the lucky one's around here. we have quite a few people going on 3 year MEBs in my unit, and one even 4 years STILL medboarding :confused: "


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Wow I guess I should feel lucky. This MEB process is just way too long. Well good luck to you and hopefully we'll both get our ratings very soon.
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