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Hello everyone, I have been recommended for a Med board from a gastrointestinal doctor for EOE and Gerd. I have had this issue going on 3 years now with no improvement in my condition despite taking several steroids and other medications. Additionally, I have severe lower back pain that hasn't went away with several months of Physical Therapy and am currently in therapy with PTSD issues from Afghanistan. I met with the PCM today and he stated he would have his portion completed either today or tomorrow and that the PEBLO should be getting in contact with me by next week. I spoke with a corpsman that was processed out and he claimed that along with what he was med boarded for they also added in everything else that was wrong with him on top of what they originally submitted him for when it was all said done...raising his DOD and VA ratings, does this sound right? Any guidance on anything I have stated above would be greatly appreciated!


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yea you will be able to select if you go straight to board over a single issue known as LDES or claim several issues known as IDES in which you go to the VA and have all your ailments documented.


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When you meet with the VA MSC you can claim all contentions. Good MSCs will go over your record and come to the appointment with a list. You should make your own list, just in case.
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