PEB rating upgraded within a year of being out


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Not sure if how many people may be in the same boat but I was medically separated after receiving a 20% rating for my separating condition after going through an MEB. I appealed it to no prevale. After being out, I went for an increase and got it upgraded to 40% and it was back dated to my separating date. The 40% would have originally medically retired me instead of being separated. Everything I have read and found regarding similar situations only applies to those who got out between 2001 and 2009. I got out in 2016 and have been looking to see if I have options to try and get that decision changed to medically retired vs separated. Is there anything I can do? Any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I am currently looking into this and am wondering how you accomplished this. I was separated with 19 years of service for pay, 16 years 3 months and some days of active duty federal service, was currently on active duty as an AGR Soldier in California. I was sent to the board and discharged. My VA rating for everything was 90% but my DOD rating for the 1 disqualifying condition was 10%. No retirement. I want to get this changed to fight for my retirement. How do I start? I am still battling and getting the medical condition treated and will be going to an allergist through the VA again soon. I was discharged just over a year ago.
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