PEB Submitted


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My PEB just got submitted last week. I've been LIMDU for six months now they finally submitted it. Im allergic to epoxy resin and my rate is AM. I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how long it would take for the results and what you think the outcome is because everyone keeps telling forced cross rate which i really don't want to do.


I am active navy and I feel your frustration. I think that they will probably find you fit and request that you cross rate. As far as timelines, I am a multiple OEF vet and was told that my case was suppose to be fast, bull crap. VA received case in April and it has not moved whatsoever. I just found out today that it has been on someones' desk since june with no movement. Then PEB keeps losing my surgery paperwork and it has not moved in 5 months. This process is very frustrating, and all we can do is wait. I wish you the best and good luck. Navy Bud!
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