PEB Timeline Question


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October 24, 2018- Received referral for Med Board
October 30, 2018- Received IDES Brief and met with PEBLO
October 31, 2018- Met with Med board attorney
November 11, 2018- Conducted General Medical VA C&P exam
November 19, 2018- Conducted Mental Health C&P Exam
January 11, 2019- Package mailed out to PEB
January 22, 2019- message from MOL, "medical board case been accepted by the PEB for action"

Its been 4 weeks and change since my case was sent up and i haven't heard anything at all. I called my peblo about a week ago and she had no news for me. I thought after the PEB received a case they had 15 days to determine fit or unfit? Should i be worried i havent heard anything yet? Just trying to get some reassurance or just some kind of idea of how much longer until i hear any kind of news. I checked ebenefits and it directs me to to check my claim status. On my claim is under Initial Review and hasnt moved since December 6th. Is this normal as well? My anxiety is killing me and i just wanna know something! i check every single day, a couple times a day.


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So my case went up to the PEB Oct 24. I was deamed unfit Dec 14th and sent to the VA and received my ratings january 31st.
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