PEB with active duty/national guard time


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Hello all, my wife is national guard at the moment. However, she did serve six years on active duty. When she separated she got a rating from the VA of 100% and she's still national guard. She is being told she has to go through the med board process, which isn't news to us. But, I was curious, how does it work with the separation and the process? Will it go a lot faster, if she already has all of her VA appts done and a rating? She doesn't really have one disqualifying injury, I think her main one PTSD is 50%, so I assume she'd get the retirement with the tricare benefits? My concern is that a disqualifying injury hasn't been identified, but she is non deployable and rated 100%. If she gets the severance how do they factor that in? Will it be her total TIS on active duty and a pro rated amount from NG? Thanks in advance for your help.


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There are plenty of situations where one could non-deployable and/or have a P3 condition and not have to be medboarded.

Originally, you wrote "she doesn't really have one disqualifying injury". If that is true, then there is no case for a MEB.
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