permanent dod medical retirement? can i switch back if necessary?

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Based on what you stated, I think you have a viable argument for retirement. Because you never had a MEB/PEB, you would need to go to the AFBCMR to request correction of your records. The length of time since your separation makes your case more complicated as does the waiver. Still, I think it is a viable case (though, I caveat that this is based only on what you stated).


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I was always under the impression that you can never drop below your DOD rating if it is PDRL and permanent no matter what.


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I was just commenting to the person who was writing about their VA rating dropping below their PDRL rating. Either way they are going to get the PDRL rating amount one way or the other at a minimum as it is permanent for life.


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here is the block 13 blurb of the VA form 21-0819. I did NOT check box 13.

MPORTANT - Unless you check the box in Item 13 below, you are telling us that you are choosing to receive VA compensation instead of military retired pay, if it is determined you are entitled to both benefits. If you are awarded military retired pay prior to compensation, we will reduce your retired pay by the amount of any compensation that you are awarded. VA will notify the Military Retired Pay Center of all benefit changes. If you receive both military retired pay and VA compensation, some of the amount you get may be recouped by VA, or in the case of Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI), by the Department of Defense.

13. ___ No I do not want VA compensation in lieu of military retired pay.

my DOD is 5000 (75% of O3E over 18) and my VA is 3200ish (100% with spouse and 2 children).

I believe that due to not checking block 13, I will get 1800 DOD and 3200 VA. Am i right?

I also may be going through a divorce in the next few months... I live in Idaho where they do take 50% of your military retirement and give it to the ex spouse. I don't mind splitting the 1800 with her, but I sure as heck don't want to split the entire 5000 with her. It would be different if she wasn't lying to me and my children on a daily basis and having an affair with a married man, but I digress...


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So after my TDRL evaluation for PTSD rated at 50% and being found stable, I have been moved to PDR with a new rating of 70% but my VA rating is still 50%(pending a NOD). If my understanding is correct, DFAS will automatically recalculate my pay based off of my new DoD percentage and pay me the higher of the two amounts?
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