Permant pinched nerve


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A little backstory. I'm 28, 91B (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic) and I have been in the Army for 2 years.

December 2016 I went to medical due to loss of feeling in my left leg which was causing issues while running. It took months to be able to schedule an MRI due to constantly going to the field, but I finally had one done around April time frame. After going to the field again, I finally was able to get with my provider and see my results. It turns out I broke a part of my spine. It healed bad, pinching between Lumbar 2 and 3 causing a permanently pinched nerve. I was given the option of surgery to fix the issue but was told there was a chance of paralysis from the waist down if it failed. I don't trust army doctors with something that severe. I was then sent on my merry way, no profile, medication, physical therapy, nothing at all. Fast forward to a year later and things have gotten much worse. I now drag my left foot on the ground when I walk. I cannot run for more than maybe a mile before I start limping, by two miles I'm dragging like a zombie. I now have severe back pains with occasional spasms. This has also effected not only mine but my wifes sleep. I went to my provider again last week and this time was seen by someone else instead. They did tests that my actual provider didn't do such as checking for weakness in my legs and sensitivity. Turns out my left leg has gotten weaker. He proscribed me 500MG naproxen and recommended me for physical therapy, MRI, pain management, and an EMG on my left leg. I have not made an appointment with MRI, Physical Therapy, or Pain Management yet, I was told to wait a week as they just changed to a new system and it takes a while for the recommendations to go through. My EMG appointment is off post and is slated for late April.

Being a mechanic is physically demanding. Yesterday I installed a starter on a wrecker. Constantly climbing up and down and lifting the starter up and down and now I'm limping really bad again. I can barely install batteries in a hmmvee without severe pain. I feel like those older guys in commercials for pain meds ha. I can't keep doing this for much longer. I'm in a cav unit and we go to the field a lot. We spent approx 1/3 of the year last year in the field. My ETS is OCT 2019 but I don't think I could pass a PT test right now.

Is this something once my provider gets my second MRI I could get medboarded for? I'm not looking to get the highest percentage when I get out. I don't care, I just want to stop having to do all this physical work as its destroying my body. Once out I'll end up going to school for IT tech. Already gave up on my dreams of being a mechanic for TRD.

Also, I would like to point out that my PUHLES is still 1 across the board and I have yet to receive a profile for any of this. Not even a temporary one.


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A MEB usually occurs when treatment has been unsuccessful for a period of time. It looks like you only started last week being released with no treatment the year before.

The protocol is to start a treatment plan and hope it resolves the issue(s) with MEB being down the road as a last resort.
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